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Recent Success Story 

The design methodology we use emphasizes eliminating problems by identifying their root cause and how to debug them fast. Analysis techniques are applied to balance the tradeoff between cost & performance and power. Risk can be reduced by leveraging simulation tools and measurement using Scopes, TDR and VNA instruments. We help customers develop appropriate guidelines through the Best-Known-Method for high speed digital design.

SBC with blindness of eyes 



This Patient SBC suffers blindness of the DATA eye of memory channel and therefore, can't live on our earth 

Root-Cause Analysis of Blindness using Simulation Guides Measurements

We use accurate Simulation Models to find the root-cause of Blindness then use measurements to confirm the finding of the highest sensivity parameters that causes system failure 

Excellent Correlation using Models blending Experience with Smartness

Once we correlate then we depend on Simulations to open the DATA eyes and cure the blindness 

Eye-Drops for the System


We recommend the eye-drops to cure the eye &  implement it on new layout then perform post-layout analysis to confirm the eye-drops cured the blindness of the DATA-EYE

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