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3D EM Modeling of Passive Components

Successful design starts with accurate 3D-EM Modeling of all Passive components such as Interconnects, Vias and Connectors. 

Experience accounts for 80% of the Solution and 20% depends on using top-notch Process/Methodology with Simulations and H/W Measurements. 

Surface current on Interconnects of SiP

Accurate Modeling of interconnects with via transitions taking into account the impact of Return-Path-Discontinuity is a MUST for your successful design with minimum OPEX

Backplane Via Modeling

Vias are critical element in the design of Ethernet Backplanes running at 10GBps and beyond. 

We are Experts in Optimizing your layout on PCBs and PKGs while defining the trade-off between cost, performance and power.

We had a Backplane working at 5GBps and we made it working at 10GBps. 

Connector Modeling

Modeling of connectors (USB 3.0) is critical for both SI & PI and also Radiated Emission control to meet EMC compliance. 
We are Experts in defining the GNDing techniques to immune your system for Radiated Emission. 

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