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3D EM Design & Modeling of Digital and RF Systems

Systems having both High-Speed-Digital and RF systems need 3D EM Modeling to account for Digital to RF Crosstalk such as LPDDR2/3-1067 coupling to GSM Antennas or USB 3.0 coupling to BT Antenna.

Smartphones and Tablets are the new communication language of the world. 


Accurate Modeling of high-speed-digital interfaces and also RF components is a MUST for successful designs of your mobile gadgets. 

Experts in the Optimization of RF-Antenna performance (GSM, BT and GPS) for Maximum Battery-Life. 

Our Expertise also found the root-cause of the x-talk between LPDDR3-1067 memory and GSM Antenna and therefore, we damped the noise coupling by 50% with low-cost enablers.

Design of GSM Antennas

We developed a unique process for GSM Antenna design & Analysis & Optimization. 

Click here to see the surface current for an F- Three-Story Antenna @ 937MHz & 2GHz

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