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We are Setting You for Success

We are striving for success of your products, how? 

   1- Paying Attention to Details 

   2-Data-Guided Risk-Management 

  3-Blend Experience with Smartness 

Fast Debug & Root Cause


1- We start by collecting all relevant data about the Failure


2- we Locate the Suspect with a blend of Measurements and Simulations: we use Simulation Guided-Measurement Techqniues 


3-we Verify the suspect through correlation of Sim-2-Measurement. Correlating the trend of Sim-2-Meas.


4-We use Simulations to Optimize the topology and increase the system margin pushing it away from the failure-cliff. 

Solutions For Cost-Down


We find the "secret formula" of Trade-off Between Cost & performance and Power. 


We find the "Knobs" or Sensitivity of thousand of parameters of the System so that we can control the required Cost-down for a specific Performance and Power Targets. 

Develop Guidelines


We urge our customers to "Do-It-Right" through following the Best-Known-Method for High-Speed-Digital System Design: 


1-we start with pre-layout Analysis to find the "Secret-Formula" of Cost vs. Performance vs. Power.


2-Optimize the pre-layout Simulation Model to acheive the required Cost & performance & Power ALL-AT-ONCE 


3-we Develop Routing-Guidelines and then Fine-Tune-It Dynamically with the Layout-Designer (Real-Time Guideline Refinement) 


4-we perform post-Layout Analysis to confirm the Target Cost, Performance and Power. 

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